Cheryl Simson (1983), grew up in Zoetermeer but has since long been a resident of Amsterdam. She’s has a soft spot for sneakers, 90’s Hiphop, people with a funky style, tattoos and cats. She is a brand and business creator who worked in Fashion & Retail before she decided that she desires a career where she can be in service of others. It is therefore no coincidence that she is also a graduate in Cultural and Social development. Having been inspired through a professional writing program for young professionals in the social industries, she eventually decided to become an entrepreneur.

In 2015 she takes the necessary steps to not only bring her ambitions to fruition she also successfully finds a way to incorporate her culture and heritage in her business venture now known as Juiciety.

Together with co-founder Bettina Perremuto Juiciety is launched and developed to create a business that set itself apart from competitors as it’s juices would consist of traditional Surinamese and Caribbean produce (superfoods) and the company would position the product in the heart of minority communities who have long been neglected in access to nutritious diets. It doesn’t take too long for Juiciety to become an established name and trusted brand that would end up collaborating with significant partners such as Amsterdam’s city’s municipality. Cheryl’s path to becoming a social entrepreneur may have been unintentional but with Juiciety hitting it’s 5-year mark, she has become a key player in the Dutch fresh and healthy beverage industry, and she is just getting started.